ROCK ANGE’HELL offers you 4 payment methods:

- By credit card

- Wire Transfer

- By Paypal with 4x free option possible

- By Kdo check


1. Payment by credit card 


Paying by credit card is a simple, fast and secure way to buy online. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, CARTE BLEUE, from FRANCE, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND and LUXEMBOURG.

We guarantee you maximum security thanks to the most advanced encryption solution on the market. Indeed, by clicking on the bank card of your choice, you are directed to the secure payment site Payzen which integrates the SSL security standard. Confidential data is transmitted encrypted to Payzen.

During the payment stage of your order, you will need to indicate:

- your card number

- its expiration date

- the control number thereof: the last 3 digits of the number written on the back, near the signature.

To increase the level of security of the transaction, the 3DSecure authentication system is implemented on the site.

Good to know: if a problem occurs when paying for your order by credit card (expiration of the payment page, internet outage, etc.), your order will be automatically canceled after 15 minutes and you will be able to place your order again. order.

All data relating to the secure payment of your orders is encrypted via the specialized service provider Payzen, so that the information you communicate to us is protected during its transmission to our payment processing center.

What is encryption?Le cryptage rend invisibles, inatteignables les données personnelles (nom, adresse, coordonnées bancaires) et donc elles ne peuvent pas être récupérés par les hackers.

What is pishing?

This is a technique used by identity theft hackers. For example, they send an email pretending to be your bank and asking you to confirm your banking details. The arguments used are often alarmist: attempted hacking of your account, serious problem with your account, etc. Always check the sender of the emails you receive and the site to which they are sending you. With a little attention, you quickly realize the deception.

The danger of buying online is the same as that of buying offline. Theft of cash, recovery of your code and your bank card in stores or at a counter, theft of your checkbook... the principle of common sense is the same everywhere, online or offline: caution.

Please note: for any online purchase, in the event of fraud, your bank is required to reimburse you if a debit has been made from your account without proof of your identity (for example without the 4-digit card code or a signature ).

2. Payment by bank transfer

 Finally, if you wish, you can pay for your order by bank transfer.

This must be made within 2 days following your order, denominated in EUROS (€) specifying your name and order number, in SEPA form and stipulated at no cost to the beneficiary.

For countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg or Belgium, international or European transfers are not accepted because fees are charged. Only SEPA type transfers are accepted. If you are in doubt about the type of transfer when making it, you can contact your bank to ask for advice.

Only the net amount deposited into the ROCK ANGE’HELL account will be taken into account.

Once your transfer has been made, you must send proof of transfer by return email by responding to the order confirmation. Without confirmation from you within 2 days, your order will be canceled.

Upon receipt of the transfer, your package will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Please note: we do not accept transfers made through Paypal. Only bank transfers are permitted.

Good to know :

- Your order is reserved for you for 2 days, after this period, if we have not received your transfer confirmation, your order may be canceled.

- During sales or promotions, we advise you to pay only by credit card or Kdo check.

3. Paypal payment with 4x payment option without fees possible


Payment method available from 50€ purchase.

Paying by PayPal is safe and fast.

This is a free online payment service through which you can purchase your items from the store.

You must have a Paypal account to choose this payment solution.

Thanks to PayPal, you have the possibility of benefiting from the 4x payment option without fees for purchases between €30 and €2000 (subject to eligibility and acceptance by PayPal): find out more

The store cannot be held responsible in the event of refusal of payment in 4 installments free of charge. Indeed, this is an offer offered directly by Paypal and managed by Paypal, the merchant having no power over Paypal's decision to accept or not payment in 4x.

By default, 4X payment is limited to 3 4X payments on the Internet, by Paypal account. If you wish to continue to use this functionality offered by Paypal for your Internet payments, you must request it from Paypal.

Please note: in the event of payment by Paypal then cancellation of the order before sending, Paypal fees will be deducted from the refund (0.35ct fixed + 1.20% of the transaction price)


4. Payment by Kdo Check

 The procedure to follow to use your kdo check is simple:

1. Make your choice of items and put them in your basket.

2. Enter the Kdo check code in the box provided for this purpose.

3. Validate your order.

Good to know :

- Your code can be used once or several times, until the amount of your kdo check is completely used up. Please note, this amount cannot be applied to shipping costs.

- Your kdo check is valid for 1 year on the site

- When the value of your order is greater than the amount of your Kdo check, the difference must be paid by payment card, check or transfer.

- A Kdo check cannot be exchanged for cash.

- A Kdo check cannot be purchased with a credit code or another Kdo check.

- A Kdo check is not considered a method of payment, but as a discount applicable to the basket. Consequently, it cannot be combined with a promotional code occasionally available on the site.

- The site's general conditions of sale apply to Kdo checks.