You have 15 days from receipt of the order to change your mind and request an exchange or refund!


1 – Log in to your customer account, go to the Product Returns section, then complete your return request. In the event of an exchange, do not forget to specify the reference and the desired size in the “Comment” section.

2 – Once your request has been accepted by our services, a confirmation email will be sent to you with all the instructions for your return. Please note, the return confirmation email is sent within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays), if you have not received anything within this time, it is probably in your spam or junk mail. In any case, once your request has been accepted, you can log in to your customer account to find out the return procedure (even if you have not received the email).

To request your return, simply log in to your customer account / product returns section

Exception: For obvious hygiene reasons (precautionary principle), internal jewelry (piercings, earrings) cannot be returned. This way you have the guarantee that the jewelry sold is in optimal hygienic conditions.


1- Print the return confirmation that you will obtain once your request has been accepted by our customer service (if you do not have a printer, write the return number on the back of the return procedure attached to your package or download the here: return slip)

2- Repackage the items correctly, that is:

- have worn/passed the goods only for a fitting, such as in a retail store for example

- in the original packaging (even if it is torn)

- new and complete (including the product label, additional accessories supplied with the products: patch, badges, belts, etc.)

- not worn for a long time (perfume odors), not washed, not damaged or dirty (animal hair, stains, traces of makeup or deodorant, etc.)

- folded correctly and flat (not returned into a ball, the straps must not be attached for dresses...)

In the event of failure to comply with these provisions, You may be held responsible for any loss of value of the goods due to handling going beyond what is necessary to ascertain their characteristics and proper functioning.

 You can keep any gifts offered by Rock Ange’Hell (coaster, key ring, sticker, etc.).

3 - Attach the return confirmation to your package.

4 - Drop off your package at the post office (do not drop off at a collection point):

It is advisable to choose the Colissimo Suivi avec Signature delivery method for your return in order to obtain a tracking number and insurance. Without this, no complaints can be made in the event of a problem.

Package return address:


21B rue des Châtaigniers


Attention :

- The shipping costs for returning your package to us are your responsibility, whether for a refund request or an exchange request.

- The return request must be made within 15 days after receipt of the package.

- The return must be made within 14 days of the return request (7 days for products that have already been exchanged).

- If you use the original packaging to return the package, you must hide the original label to avoid any problems during delivery.

- Any risk linked to the return of the product is the responsibility of the customer.

- In the case of a return request for an item with a defect, a pre-paid return label will be sent to you and a new item (same reference, same size) will be sent to you upon receipt of the package. If the item cannot be exchanged due to lack of stock, you will be offered either a refund of the item or the option to keep the merchandise. If you wish to exchange for another size or other reference, the standard return procedure will apply and the return costs will be your responsibility. If the exchange is possible and you still wish to obtain a refund, the return costs will be your responsibility.


Following changes in European regulations for the taxation of goods, it is important to complete your customs declaration for the return of your package, specifying that it is a return of goods following purchase in a country member of the European Union. If customs clearance costs are claimed upon arrival of the package in France following an incorrect customs declaration, the costs will be deducted from the reimbursement, the return costs being entirely the responsibility of the customer living in Switzerland.


Exchanges are accepted either for the same reference in another size, or for another reference.

As part of an exchange for the same item, of the same color but in a different size: the price of the new item will be the same as that indicated on the invoice, even as part of a special promotion on the site.

In the context of an exchange for another reference, the price must be equivalent or higher. If the price is lower, the price difference will be refunded in the form of a credit valid for 6 months on the site. Any discounts that were applied during the initial order cannot be applied to items requested in exchange whose reference is different from the original one.

- France :

The costs of reshipping the new item(s) requested in exchange are covered by the store (limited to one exchange per order). The package will be reshipped to a Collection Point, the list of collection points near you will be sent to you by email to make your choice. If you wish to have it sent to your home with signature, the difference in price between the 2 delivery methods will have to be paid, i.e. €5. The costs of returning the initial package remain the responsibility of the customer. In the event of return for reimbursement of the item received in exchange, only the amount of the item will be reimbursed, the reshipment costs incurred by the store being deducted from the reimbursement.

In the event of a change of delivery address, you must contact us by telephone at

- Belgium :

A contribution of €5 to the shipping costs is required in the event of an exchange for the same reference.

- Other countries :

A contribution of €10 to the shipping costs is required in the event of an exchange for the same reference.

In the event of a new order, the shipping costs are €14 by Colissimo tracked with signature.

- Switzerland: no exchange possible following new European regulations, only refunds will be possible.

Exchange concerning sale or promotional products: if you wish to exchange the size of a sale product and the latter has benefited from an additional reduction between the time of your purchase and the time of your exchange request, no refund no price difference will be made. If you wish to benefit from the new price, an exchange will then be impossible, you will have to return the product at your expense for a refund request, and place a new order on the site to obtain the product at the new price. Sale products whose price is less than €40 cannot be exchanged, only refunded.


This will be made via the payment method of the returned order.

For any other means of payment or in the event of failure of previous reimbursements, the reimbursement will be made by transfer (you will then have to provide us with your RIB: IBAN + BIC), or by credit (in the form of a code usable on the Site ).

In the event of a return for reimbursement of all items in the order, the total amount (products and shipping costs, excluding prepaid return label) will be refunded, based on the least expensive shipping costs offered on the site. , i.e. €4.99 for an order under €199, no refund for orders over €199 (shipping costs being free from this amount). In the event of a partial return, only the product(s) ordered (excluding shipping costs) will be refunded.

In the case of an initial order exceeding €199, shipping costs, to a Colissimo relay point, are free. In the event of return of one or more of the products, the order falling below the amount of €199, the shipping costs which should have been paid will be deducted from the refund made, as follows:

€X (amount of the product(s)) - €4.99 (shipping costs normally paid at a relay point) = €X to be refunded

The amount of shipping costs subtracted from the refund appears in the “processing costs” line.

In the case of a request for reimbursement of an item received as part of an exchange procedure, only the amount of the item(s) will be refunded (the amount of the exchange shipment being due following the refund request).

For orders sent to Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, only the amount of the items will be refunded in the event of a return request.